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(1) (Data Instrumentation Systems) See DST.

(2) (Dis) A virtual machine. See Inferno.


god of nether world; identified with Pluto. [Rom. Myth.: Leach, 315]
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Twas dis eye, massa - de lef eye - jis as you tell me," and here it was his right eye that the negro indicated.
The appointment of Michael Keenan as President of DIS is an important step toward achieving this objective.
The MDD/no dis group and MDD/DIS groups had significantly more tantrums in school.
DIS serves a wide dealer base, and we are very pleased to have DIS Limited as an integration partner.
The outlook DIs for two to three months ahead were higher than August in Malaysia and the Philippines, and lower than August in Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.
low levels of spontaneous lymphocyte apoptosis (programmed cell death) compared to progressors (J Infect Dis, 178, p.
Unable to travel, he died at age 77 a month after my first DIS meeting in 1992.
The DIS is already adapting to its new environment.
Clamer Medal in 1962; Gold Medal of the Gray and Ductile Iron Society "for his outstanding contribution to the foundry industry as a co-developer of ductile iron and for his devoted efforts to expand the usage in highly competitive markets" in 1964; 1965 DIS Annual Award "for his outstanding contribution to the industry and its technology," and the 1965 Modem Pioneers in Industry Award of the NAM for outstanding contribution to development and research for his work as co-discoverer of ductile iron.
DIS will resell Cognos' data access, reporting and analysis tools, PowerPlay(TM) and Impromptu(TM), as part of the company's product suite.
Without appropriate planning, this responsibility can be time-consuming and costly both to DIS and commercial contractors.