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The “storm-time” component of variation of the terrestrial magnetic field, that is, the component which correlates with the interval of time since the onset of a magnetic storm; used as an index of intensity of the ring current.


Daylight-Saving Time.


(1) (DeSTination) Contrast with SRC, which is an abbreviation of "source."

(2) (Digital Signal Trust Company, Salt Lake City, UT, www.digsigtrust.com) An organization that sets up and manages PKI systems for companies and industry groups. Using third-party software, it serves as a certification authority (CA), manages the repository and provides a secure location for the private keys. Founded in 1996, Utah-based DST was the first licensed CA in the U.S. and the first PKI service organization. Utah was the first state in the U.S. to pass digital signature legislation.

In 2002, DST was acquired by Identrus LLC (www.identrus.com), a global leader in digital trust services and secure e-commerce. See PKI.

(3) (Data Storage Technology) A high-capacity magnetic tape technology from Ampex that is based on the digital composite D2 format for the broadcasting industry. It uses the same 19mm, helical scan transport, but provides higher capacities with Ampex's proprietary Data D-2 (DD2) format. DST cartridges range from 50 to 330GB and are suited for uncompressed digital video (movies, commercials, etc.) and high-resolution images as well as general data backup for huge databases. Ampex's Data Instrumentation Systems (DIS) tape technology is a counterpart line that provides optional modes and interfaces for data acquisition devices. See magnetic tape.

DST Tape Storage
DST is not exactly for home computer use. The large 330GB tape cassette, which is as big as a laptop computer, could back up the entire neighborhood. The 4mm DAT cassette is shown for size comparison.
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In Boston (adult population: 714,535) the DMH service system was structurally very different from the other two regions.
Thus, DMH is defined as idiopathic hypomineralization of 1-4 second primary molars [Elfrink et al.
This integration will allow us to market a complete suite of software for medical records, scheduling and imaging," explained Rik J Deitsch, CEO of DMH International.
However, DMH were consistent and worked well in each third to secure a comfortable victory in the end.
En una experiencia en la que se administro acido butirico durante 26 semanas a ratas Wistar, se observo en intestino grueso una marcada disminucion de focos de criptas displasicas inducidas experimentalmente con el cancerigeno DMH (2).
Says co-author Simon Bellm, Partner at DMH Stallard: "While some interviewees did express the opinion that the UK was trying to out-do the whole world in ethical trading - for example by out-lawing practices still commonplace elsewhere, such as facilitation payments to public officials - the vast majority preferred to do business in a way that matched their principles, notably in the way they delivered their contracts and the way they interact with local communities.
In the wake of the Mental Health Services Act, DMH found itself suddenly inundated with requests for new IT projects and services.
Instead of fixing the problems that led to the citations, DMH is spending time and money contesting Cal/OSHA's findings.
The theme of this year's DMH breakfast series is "Community First and Our Future.
1,2-dymethylhidrazine: dysplastic lesions were induced by a weekly subcutaneous injection of DMH during 17 weeks to sub-groups 3 and 4; and 5 weeks to sub-groups 5 and 6, at the dose of 20 mg/kg of body weight.
In other words, the DDS (Department of Social Services) funds need to come into DMH (Department of Mental Health) for one hot second before they can be given to another agency.
Concerned Staff Hold Informational Picket on Behalf of Injured Coworkers and Patients; In the Meantime, DMH Seeks Layoffs, Appeals Cal/OSHA Citations