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(1) See digital media server.

(2) (Document Management System) See document management.

(3) (Digital Media Server) A DLNA-certified computer or network attached storage device (NAS) that holds multimedia content. See DLNA.

(4) (Defense Messaging System) An X.500-compliant messaging system developed by the U.S. Dept. of Defense. It is used by all the branches of the armed forces as well as federal agencies involved with security.

(5) (Desktop Management Suite) A collection of software administration and backup programs for Windows from Seagate Software.

(6) (Digital Multiplex System) A family of digital switches and gateways from Nortel Networks that is used in a telco central office. It includes the large local/toll exchange DMS-100/200 and small local exchange DMS-10, DMS-250 long distance switches.
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Once DMS has moved from the ocean to the air, it starts to play an entirely different role: cloud maker.
They did so without the benefit of a DMS analysis of water supply in the valley for existing and previously approved projects.
The birds zigzagged over the DMS slick, sat on it, tasted it, or just hovered over it.
The entire DMS team has worked miracles to go from a signed agreement to a third shift within seven months," said President & CEO Andra Rush.
Garvey brings to DMS an excellent track record in operational due diligence and fund administration with some of the largest hedge funds in the industry.
While Lovelock was musing on the fate of DMS, Robert Charlson of the University of Washington in Seattle was working independently at the other end of the problem.
DMS has a successful tradition of supporting the fund industry through a wide range of innovative and complementary products and a distinctive client service model on which we have built many strong and lasting relationships," stated DMS Chief Executive Officer Anne Storie.
John's entrepreneurial background and experience within the financial sector and hedge funds space made him a perfect fit for DMS," said Anne Storie, DMS Chief Executive Officer.
Today, the DMS ITC Group is a dedicated, specialist team of attorneys, accountants and compliance experts devoted to serving more than 600 private investment structures in complying with their obligations under the U.
The cooperative constellation demonstrated adaptive autonomy using SkyForce DMS and the Virtual Pilot capability that are key software components of the SkyForce system.