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The DNA fingerprint analysis of the respective iWGA aliquots yielded a mean PCR performance of 87.
At this point, I show students a poster-board representation of the DNA fingerprint gel from the crime scene (Figure 1) and ask them to use the data and decide who committed the crime.
This banding pattern is the DNA fingerprint that can be digitalized and stored in a database for future use.
While other tests concentrated on human migration patterns and genetic theories, DNA Fingerprint finds matches to living persons, who may identify their ancestral origins differently from scientists.
POLICE are aiming to outsmart the burglars by spraying DNA fingerprints onto property.
In the USA, every state has established a DNA fingerprint database, and the FBI has a national store linking them all.
Ian Findlay, of the Australian Genome Research Facility at the University of Queensland, said: "We took a skin cell from a 30-year-old document and gained a DNA fingerprint.
A unique DNA fingerprint can be derived by analyzing biological material like blood, semen, saliva and hair roots.
The highlight of the new contract signings is an award from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) on behalf of the State of Minnesota for DNA fingerprint analysis on back-logged convicted offender case samples.
The detection system is designed to be adaptable and easily tailored to detect a variety of bacterial and viral organisms by recognizing the unique DNA fingerprint of the organism.
Several recent studies have used proportions of tuberculosis cases sharing identical DNA fingerprint patterns (i.