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An enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of deoxyribonucleic acid to nucleotides. Abbreviated DNase.



an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of deoxyribonucleic acid. It belongs to the class of hydrolases, to the group of phosphatases. It is present in the cells of animals, plants, and microorganisms (except certain viruses).

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001 [micro]g of RNase A (Qiagen, Hilden, Germany) and 1 [micro]L (2 U) of Turbo DNA-free DNase I (Ambion, Austin, TX, USA) with 1x Turbo DNA-free buffer were incubated at 37[degrees]C for 30 min under conditions that prevented destruction of viral RNA in the viral particles.
RTS DNase is the first DNase I enzyme which is stable at room temperature, eliminating concern about freeze-thaw cycles that may decrease enzymatic activity.
Characterization of human DNase I family endonucleases and activation of DNase y during apoptosis.
The activity of alkaline DNase is the result of a group of enzymes which depolymerise DNA in alkaline situations, whereas that of acid DNase, a group of enzymes have optimal activity in acid pH[6].
DNase I treatment thinned the lung mucus of all of the patients participating in the new study, Crystal and his colleagues found.
DNase I is a naturally occurring body enzyme that chops up DNA, a major constituent of the sticky phlegm that accumulates in the lungs and other organs of cystic fibrosis patients.
To measure whether ample DNase I can clear the decks and prevent such an onslaught, the researchers created mice that lack the enzyme and compared them with healthy mice.
Moroy and his colleagues examined 69 mice missing the gene that encodes DNase I, as well as 78 others that had a partial enzyme deficiency and 37 that had a full complement of the enzyme.
A new function for an old enzyme: the role of DNase I in apoptosis.
In conclusion, we have succeeded in developing a sensitive and rapid SRED/CAM DNase I assay method that is convenient and reliable for determining picograms to femtograms of DNase I in 1-[micro]L serum samples within 30 min.