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Display Oriented Language. Subsystem of DOCUS. Sammet 1969, p.678.



(dul, doul), an Uzbek and Tadzhik percussion instrument, which consisted of a two-sided drum and a wooden drumstick with a knob at the end. The dol is no longer used.

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To best prepare for a DOL audit, Sohn recommends choosing one high-level person at your company to serve as a liaison with the DOL investigator.
In sum, the operating leverage hypothesis for the value premium predicts that DOL should be positively associated with BE/ME and stock returns.
In addition, DOL implemented a departmentwide five-level rating system to better distinguish varying levels of performance for all sixteen thousand employees.
Situated on Grawen Street in Porth, Dol Afon will bring a total of 28 three and four-bedroom homes in a range of attractive designs to the area.
If a firm without sufficient knowledge fails to properly perform the audit, the DOL can assess fines on the plan administrator or sponsor.
You don "t want to make needless trips lugging , weapons to DS or DOL.
Most textual treatments ignore the role DOL variables other than fixed costs play.
Many dire predictions were made when the DOL announced its intentions to overhaul the overtime pay rules, but they have not come to pass, says Kaplan.
33) On March 10, 2005, the DOL published an interim final rule, setting forth language to be used by employers to comply with the notice requirement.
To meet DOL requirements, the company first had to establish a U.
Employers paid this staggering amount of damages to 241,568 employees whose claims were prosecuted by the DOL.