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disk-operating system, often prefixed, as in MS-DOS and PC-DOS; a computer operating system


(computer science)


(operating system)
1. The common abbreviation for MS-DOS.

2. IBM's Disk Operating System.

3. Any disk operating system.


(1) See denial of service.

(2) (Disk Operating System) Any operating system that supports hard drives. See operating system.

(3) (Disk Operating System) A family of IBM mainframe operating systems (DOS, DOS/370, DOS/VS, DOS/VSE). As disk storage became accepted in the late 1960s, DOS started out as a variant of IBM's Tape Operating System (TOS); however, it was always the "junior partner" to OS/360 and its progeny. See DOS/VSE.

(4) (Disk Operating System)Pronounced "dahss." A single-user operating system from Microsoft for Intel x86 personal computers. It was the first operating system for IBM PCs and IBM-compatible PCs, and it remained the underlying control program for Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and ME. Subsequent versions of Windows incorporated all DOS functionality, and most DOS commands work the same in Windows. See cmd abc's.

The OS in the IBM PC was PC-DOS, and the OS used by all other PC makers was MS-DOS. Except for DOS 6, which contained different utilities, PC-DOS and MS-DOS commands and system functions were the same, and all PC-DOS and MS-DOS versions were commonly called "DOS." See DOS 6.

DOS Lives On
In various incarnations, DOS is still used in embedded systems, where a small OS footprint is required. Examples are Digital Research's DR-DOS, ROM-DOS from DataLight ( and the open source FreeDOS. See embedded system.
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Because controllerless and software modems don't use a hardware UART, DOS applications can't access them without ViP.
We're seeing a much broader penetration of these modems in mainstream industries such as banking, real estate and insurance," Loram said, "and a broader range of DOS applications that people need to run.
Another advantage of Windows is its ability to cut or copy information from one application, including DOS applications, and then paste it in another.
With Insignia Solutions' SoftWindows/8MB RAM special pricing, customers get a Power Macintosh computer with 16MB of RAM that's capable of running all their Windows and DOS applications for under $2000.
As more companies desire to migrate to a total Windows 95 (98) or NT platform, eliminating DOS applications is essential.
A technology agreement with AT&T that allows both SPARC- and Intel-based Solaris systems to provide native Windows NT services, opening up a vast new market for Sun's fast-growth Sun Enterprise(TM) servers -- A new add-in card that enables users of Sun's newest Ultra(TM) workstations to run Microsoft Windows and DOS applications at native speed performance -- Efforts to link its entire line of Sun StorEdge(TM) network storage arrays and tape libraries directly into Microsoft Windows NT environments
For the first three quarters, DOS applications declined 48% to $10.
Other Quarterdeck products provide multi-tasking of DOS applications running on one computer; while still others support seamless distributed computing by ensuring cooperation among multiple systems in cross platform applications.
The company today previewed the SunPCi(TM) card, which will enable users to run Microsoft Windows and DOS applications natively on their Sun(TM) Ultra(TM) workstations.
Administrators can configure which applications users can access by shielding specific desktop program icons, "Start Menu" shortcuts, access to the DOS prompt or DOS applications and access to the "Find" command providing an additional level of security and simplifying the users desktop.
Other Quarterdeck products provide multitasking of DOS applications running on one computer; while still others support seamless distributed computing by ensuring cooperation among multiple systems in cross-platform applications.