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(1) See data protection management.

(2) (Documents Per Minute) The number of paper documents that can be processed in one minute.


Abbr. for “dampproof membrane.”
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Marc Kamstrup-Braad, Senior Program Manager of Microsoft DPM describes MailRetriever as "an easy-to-use application that delivers needed message- level recovery capabilities.
Specifically, statements regarding the Company's future financial performance including, without limitation, statements related to eliminating performance barriers for enhancing existing data de-duplication solutions, explore the advantages of Hifn's block-level de-duplication technology and its potential market applications, and the secure DPM solution enables IT administrators to quickly and easily add high-performance data security to their DPM storage are a forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Safe Harbor that may cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements contained herein.
Unlike conventional default management and servicing systems, RAI's DPM solution uses optimization-based technology to provide continuous portfolio valuations and optimal recovery rate recommendations matched to appropriate collection channels.
The new version enables users to monitor, configure and control multiple DPM 2007 servers from a central web based console.
EqualLogic iSCSI SANs and DPM 2007 complement each other.
The new Express DR cards for DPM 2007 address the needs of IT administrators who are struggling with escalating costs of data storage, management and power in their data center.
ToolsGroup DPM helps users meet this challenge by measuring and forecasting demand volatility.
Microsoft DPM 2007 is the preferred data protection solution for Microsoft workloads as it is tightly integrated with SQL Server, Office SharePoint Server, Exchange and Windows operating system platforms.
ToolsGroup DPM is a configurable inventory optimization solution that deploys quickly and predictably, without extensive customization.
The newly enhanced platform also provides significant advances in compliance and risk mitigation, security, and capacity planning and it brings WysDM's market-leading DPM functionality to disk arrays.
We're very excited to see Bocada use their expertise and domain knowledge in the backup monitoring space to extend the existing feature set in DPM 2007.
NexTone's DPM functionality frees operators to tackle more complex issues of IP and IMS service delivery, while ensuring PSTN quality.