North Korea

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North Korea:

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, Korean Hanguk or Choson, region and historic country (85,049 sq mi/220,277 sq km), E Asia. A peninsula, 600 mi (966 km) long, Korea separates the Sea of Japan (called the East Sea by Koreans) on the east from the Yellow Sea (and Korea Bay [or West Korea
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Korea, North

Official name: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Capital city: Pyongyang

Internet country code: .kp

Flag description: Three horizontal bands of blue (top), red (triple width), and blue; the red band is edged in white; on the hoist side of the red band is a white disk with a red five-pointed star

Geographical description: Eastern Asia, northern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Korea Bay and the Sea of Japan, between China and South Korea

Total area: 47,000 sq. mi. (120,410 sq. km.)

Climate: Temperate with rainfall concentrated in summer

Nationality: noun: Korean(s); adjective: Korean

Population: 23,301,725 (July 2007 CIA est.)

Ethnic groups: Korean; small ethnic Chinese and Japanese populations

Languages spoken: Korean

Religions: Buddhism, Confucianism, Shamanism, Chongdogyo, Christian; autonomous religious activities have

been virtually nonexistent since 1945

Legal Holidays:

Birthday of Kim Il-sungApr 15
Constitution DayDec 27
Founding of the People's ArmyApr 25
Founding of the Workers' PartyOct 10
Kim Jong-il's AnniversaryFeb 16
Labor DayMay 1
Liberation DayAug 15
National DaySep 9
New Year's DayJan 1
Victory DayJul 27

North Korea

a republic in NE Asia, on the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea: established in 1948 as a people's republic; mostly rugged and mountainous, with fertile lowlands in the west. Language: Korean. Currency: won. Capital: Pyongyang. Pop.: 22 776 000 (2004 est.). Area: 122 313 sq. km (47 225 sq. miles)
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He said DPR Korea has established 13 Special Economic Development Parks in its 8 provinces that offered tax holidays and many other incentives to foreign investors and he invited Pakistani investors to make investment in these parks to achieve lucrative returns.
For the four matches in India, we have invited Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, DPR Korea, China, Iraq and Qatar.
Substantial amounts of food assistance are also required for chronically vulnerable populations in DPR Korea and Bangladesh, in spite of overall improved food supply situations, as well as for those affected by civil strife in Afghanistan, Iraq and Nepal, the report said.
The DPR Korea custodian badly fumbled Abdallah Juma's long range effort to concede a corner, before struggling with Hatem Al Rushadi's subsequent in-swinging set-piece that clipped off the crossbar and out of danger.
SEARO has 11 countries, namely, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Timor Leste and DPR Korea.
So the special Military Court of the Ministry of State Security put him on trial, he confessed to what he did wrong and according to article 60 of the Criminal Code of DPR Korea he was executed.
Ambassador of DPR Korea Ro Kyong Chol thanked the Speaker for his remarks and congratulated him on his election as Speaker of the August House.
And Suwon recorded a timely 2-1 win over Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors in the K-League Classic on Saturday with DPR Korea striker Jong Tae-se returning to action for the first time after missing the draw with Guizho due to injury.
The UAE will join DPR Korea, Luxembourg, Ireland, South Africa and the winner of the Mongolia and Greece match, which takes place at 4pm today, in South Africa.
Three players from Japan, two Saudi and DPR Korea players have also made the cut.
Losing finalists of 2012 Iraq are seeded in Group D where they face challenges in the form of DPR Korea, Qatar and Oman.
DPR Korea, winners of the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup, and the champions in the 2014 edition of the same competition will also feature at the finals.