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North Korea:

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, Korean Hanguk or Choson, region and historic country (85,049 sq mi/220,277 sq km), E Asia. A peninsula, 600 mi (966 km) long, Korea separates the Sea of Japan (called the East Sea by Koreans) on the east from the Yellow Sea (and Korea Bay [or West Korea
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Korea, North

Official name: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Capital city: Pyongyang

Internet country code: .kp

Flag description: Three horizontal bands of blue (top), red (triple width), and blue; the red band is edged in white; on the hoist side of the red band is a white disk with a red five-pointed star

Geographical description: Eastern Asia, northern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Korea Bay and the Sea of Japan, between China and South Korea

Total area: 47,000 sq. mi. (120,410 sq. km.)

Climate: Temperate with rainfall concentrated in summer

Nationality: noun: Korean(s); adjective: Korean

Population: 23,301,725 (July 2007 CIA est.)

Ethnic groups: Korean; small ethnic Chinese and Japanese populations

Languages spoken: Korean

Religions: Buddhism, Confucianism, Shamanism, Chongdogyo, Christian; autonomous religious activities have

been virtually nonexistent since 1945

Legal Holidays:

Birthday of Kim Il-sungApr 15
Constitution DayDec 27
Founding of the People's ArmyApr 25
Founding of the Workers' PartyOct 10
Kim Jong-il's AnniversaryFeb 16
Labor DayMay 1
Liberation DayAug 15
National DaySep 9
New Year's DayJan 1
Victory DayJul 27

North Korea

a republic in NE Asia, on the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea: established in 1948 as a people's republic; mostly rugged and mountainous, with fertile lowlands in the west. Language: Korean. Currency: won. Capital: Pyongyang. Pop.: 22 776 000 (2004 est.). Area: 122 313 sq. km (47 225 sq. miles)
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I remain convinced that the Security Council should refer the situation of the DPRK to the International Criminal Court as recommended by the COI (Commission of Inquiry) and affirmed by the General Assembly, to speedily bring to justice those people most responsible for the near-total denial of human rights and including those at the highest level of decision making in that country," Darusman said.
Whenever the DPRK-US relations and the situation got strained, the Republican Party and other conservative forces in the US desperately called for re-listing the DPRK as a "sponsor of terrorism" since its removal from the list of "sponsors of terrorism" in 2008.
Protecting Power in North Korea) Munsu-Dong District Pyongyang, DPRK Telephone: (850-2) 3817 485 (reception) Telephone: (850-2) 3817 904, (850-2) 3817 907 (Deputy) Telephone: (850-2) 3817 908, (850-2) 3817 905 (Ambassador) Facsimile: (850-2) 3817 663 Email: ambassaden.
It is the stance of the DPRK to hasten the building of an economic power unrestrained after possessing strong war deterrence.
The Secretary-General renews his call on the DPRK authorities to work towards building confidence with neighbouring countries and improving the life of its people,' the statement said.
With regard to ballistic missile activities, the resolutions demanded that the DPRK not conduct further launches of any ballistic missiles.
When the USSR was not forthcoming, the DPRK sought to bypass Moscow and obtain aid from the Kremlin's East European clients.
DPRK scientists and technicians independently solved all the scientific or technological problems that arose during the satellite's development.
For Kim, the meeting with the most prominent American ever to visit the DPRK was the culminating moment of his two-decades-long effort to make direct contact with American ruling circles.
The DPRK signed the NPT in 1985, entered into a safeguards agreement with the IAEA in January 1992 and agreed with the ROK in 1992 to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.
The announcement in February 2005 that the DPRK had nuclear weapons will no doubt further prevent the flow of useful telecom technologies and expertise into the country, as well as ensuring that the country remains isolated form the rest of the world for some years to come.
Nam Chul-Sun, 82-year-old from the DPRK, told his 80-year-old sister Nam Sun-Ok from South Korea that "if (the two Koreas are) reunited, we can get together to live in a big house for all.