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see English units of measurementEnglish units of measurement,
principal system of weights and measures used in a few nations, the only major industrial one being the United States. It actually consists of two related systems—the U.S.
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(drachm; Russian drakhma, from Greek drachme).

(1) A unit in the now outmoded system of apothecaries’ weights. An apothecaries’ dram was one-eighth of an ounce and contained three scruples; the Russian apothecaries’ dram was the equivalent of 3.732 g. In the English system of measurement an apothecaries’ dram equaled 3.888 g.

(2) A fluidram, a measure of displacement used in the USA, equal to 3.6966 milliliters.

(3) In the avoirdupois system, a measure of weight equaling one-sixteenth of an ounce, 1.772 g.


A unit of mass, used in the apothecaries' system of mass units, equal to ⅛ apothecaries' ounce or 60 grains or 3.8879346 grams. Also known as apothecaries' dram (dram ap); drachm (British).
A unit of mass, formerly used in the United Kingdom, equal to ¹⁄₁₆ ounce (avoirdupois) or approximately 1.77185 grams. Abbreviated dr.


(computer science)


1. one sixteenth of an ounce (avoirdupois). 1 dram is equivalent to 0.0018 kilogram
2. US one eighth of an apothecaries' ounce; 60 grains. 1 dram is equivalent to 0.0039 kilogram
3. a small amount of an alcoholic drink, esp a spirit; tot
4. the standard monetary unit of Armenia, divided into 100 lumas


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