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It accelerates DSPP mRNA expression, but does not influence cell proliferation in human pulp cells (Saito et al.
Shares for a DSPP can come from a new issue, from those held in treasury, perhaps from a buyback, or through open market purchases.
Many treasurers for whom funds raised through a DSPP are but one source of capital use the plans as powerful marketing tools, turning their "affinity groups" of constituents into shareowners, who then become fiercely brand-loyal customers.
Joining the HP DSPP helps Signiant to deliver a cost-efficient, end-to-end digital media infrastructure for customers that are looking to streamline every aspect of their digital media workflows to capitalize on new and emerging business models," said Julie Blaisdell, vice president of global strategic alliances, Signiant.
We welcome Alvarion into the HP DSPP and look forward to a mutually productive relationship.
The DSPP offers the most complete technology product portfolio solution to businesses worldwide.
HP DSPP is a worldwide program for independent software vendors, software developers, system integrators and consultants.
Under the terms of the appointment, HP's network of DSPP program resellers can now access the Ezenia
The combination of HP ProLiant servers, Teneros Application Continuity Appliances, and Teneros' membership in DSPP helps HP resellers effectively address customer needs in the area of email availability.
00 (1) Issuance of common stock in from DRIP and DSPP plan.
The DSPP provides shareholders and first-time buyers the opportunity to purchase shares of Dell common stock directly through AST.