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The “storm-time” component of variation of the terrestrial magnetic field, that is, the component which correlates with the interval of time since the onset of a magnetic storm; used as an index of intensity of the ring current.


Daylight-Saving Time.


(1) (DeSTination) Contrast with SRC, which is an abbreviation of "source."

(2) (Digital Signal Trust Company, Salt Lake City, UT, www.digsigtrust.com) An organization that sets up and manages PKI systems for companies and industry groups. Using third-party software, it serves as a certification authority (CA), manages the repository and provides a secure location for the private keys. Founded in 1996, Utah-based DST was the first licensed CA in the U.S. and the first PKI service organization. Utah was the first state in the U.S. to pass digital signature legislation.

In 2002, DST was acquired by Identrus LLC (www.identrus.com), a global leader in digital trust services and secure e-commerce. See PKI.

(3) (Data Storage Technology) A high-capacity magnetic tape technology from Ampex that is based on the digital composite D2 format for the broadcasting industry. It uses the same 19mm, helical scan transport, but provides higher capacities with Ampex's proprietary Data D-2 (DD2) format. DST cartridges range from 50 to 330GB and are suited for uncompressed digital video (movies, commercials, etc.) and high-resolution images as well as general data backup for huge databases. Ampex's Data Instrumentation Systems (DIS) tape technology is a counterpart line that provides optional modes and interfaces for data acquisition devices. See magnetic tape.

DST Tape Storage
DST is not exactly for home computer use. The large 330GB tape cassette, which is as big as a laptop computer, could back up the entire neighborhood. The 4mm DAT cassette is shown for size comparison.
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According to Krish Krishnan, President of DST Worldwide Services, the Pune location provides access to a new workforce across several competency areas, in addition to meeting an in-country Business Continuity Planning (BCP) objective.
Proponents claim that nearly year-round DST in the 1970s saved hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil daily.
In general, better coating coverage can be achieved with DST than through conventional coating with blade metering.
Just two days prior to the end of the evaluation exercise, the contingency DST, known as Task Force 599, received its real-world wartime mission--deploy to the opposite side of the world and conduct port operations.
The DST Series staplers are reloadable, disposable instruments that can be fired up to eight times on the same patient.
Changes at DST began nearly seven years ago when the company started exploring expansion opportunities outside of Thunder Bay, Fabius says.
Chief Executive Officer of DST, Yuri Milner, said, "Naspers's strategic insight has already proven to be valuable in our partnership and we welcome the expertise they will bring to DST.
An expanded scope represents an opportunity to fully leverage DST Output's innovations - including our inkjet technology platform, integrated print and electronic capabilities and our postal solutions - in order to address our clients' and prospects' needs and continue our standing as an industry leader," Towle said.
The DST change is thought to confuse programs set to automatically handle DST hours, with the largest affects on calendar conflicts, date/time calculations, transaction logging, and tariff billing applications.
It is a tremendous honor to be recognized as a leader in our industry, especially among so many worthy peers," said Scott Chelton, President of DST Asset Management Solutions.
Just as with Y2K, IT administrators are faced with a daunting task of assessing their network, checking which systems are in compliance and updating all systems with the latest DST patches before the March 11 deadline.
With BigFix DST Policies, enterprises can immediately and accurately reconfigure their globally distributed Windows assets to remediate this issue while maintaining very high availability standards," said Gregory Toto, Vice President, Products and Operations for BigFix, Inc.