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As described on the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Website, the TLS and DTLS implementations in OpenSSL 1.
Array products including APV, vAPV, AG, vxAG and EOS products (TMX, SPX) use the company's proprietary SSL stack to process all SSL, TLS and DTLS service traffic.
Bacially, the DTLS system consists of a series of transmitters and receivers connected to the Olympic fiber-optic network.
The decision to implement DTLS, TLS or IPSec could have a huge effect on the final capabilities of the Internet of Things application.
Utilizing IP standards, the Nucleus RTOS with CoAP provides a RESTful-based framework with DTLS for security and UDP over IP for transport, making it efficient to cloud services.
The key features include compliance with both IPv4 and IPv6 transport, and support of DTLS for encrypted tunnels for control traffic.
DTLS over UDP support for streaming multimedia and VoIP
The combined AuthenTec-PeerSec Network security offering is a comprehensive suite of secure networking toolkits spanning DTLS, IPsec, MACsec, SSH, SSL, TLS, and WPA security protocols.
With best-of-breed technologies like full offload for protocol processing for IPSec, SSL and DTLS as well as bulk encryption, the ECONA CNS3XXX SoC provides wire-speed crypto performance under 2W.
Hifn's scalable HIPP processors are true multi-protocol devices that can handle any mix of IPsec ESP, AH, SSL, TLS or DTLS security protocols.
The solution consists of multiple, integrated modules that implement key security protocols such as IPSec (IP security protocol), SSL/TLS (secure socket layer and transport layer security) and DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security protocol).
This protects against outsider attacks across the RF mesh by requiring each device to use EAP in establishing an AES-128 link-layer key, and against insider attacks by using TLS and/or DTLS to establish secure end-to-end sessions between meters and the head-end system;