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The heart of the DTSS, the Changi Water Reclamation Plant is a state-of-the-art used water plant capable of treating 800,000 cubic metres (176 million gallons) of used water a day to international standards.
Black & Veatch (B&V) and AECOM signed a joint venture contract with PUB in to provide engineering services for the second phase of the DTSS project.
One issue with the DTSS is its designation as a "non-standard" TOC platform.
Engineers at SBCTs and maneuver BCTs (UAs) need to ensure that terrain teams and the DTSS are fully operational.
Through proper training on the DTSS, integration with brigade and UA staffs, and development of SOPs, geospatial teams can provide relevant input into SOSO or combat operations.
The DTSS proved to be the right system to support warfighters of Operation Anaconda, aviation units, and division decision makers-it fulfilled its requirements.
The article on page 27 tells how the DTSS supported Operation Enduring Freedom.
Editor's note: please also see the articles on pages 9 and 12, respectively, for more on IMETS and DTSS.
DTSS Imagizer, TerraExplorer[R], and TerraVista[R] are systems that are capable of exporting standalone files to "any PC" (for example, a mainstream Pentium(r) computer purchased in the last couple of years).
DTSS imports digital terrain databases from every available source to create digital maps that frame the common operational picture (COP) for other systems to overlay.
The DTSS provides digital maps and updates to battlefield commanders and weapons platforms in support of mission planning, rehearsal, and execution.
Freeing up land for other higher-value developments, supporting the production of NEWater, improving energy efficiencies and potentially leveraging the water-energy-waste nexus are some of the key sustainability goals of DTSS Phase 2.