digital TV transition

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digital TV transition

The switch from analog to digital broadcasting over the air by all TV stations in the U.S., which occurred at midnight June 12, 2009. Eleven years before the switch, DTV debuted in major U.S. cities, and the FCC mandated that broadcasters switch to digital by 2006. The deadline was extended twice until it finally went into effect in 2009.

Old TVs that pick up analog signals with an antenna no longer work without a digital converter box (see TV converter box). For more about the digital standards, see DTV and 700 MHz spectrum.

Cable and Satellite Were Good Until 2012
Subscribers to cable and satellite TV services were not affected in 2009. These closed systems sent analog signals to their customer's TV sets until 2012.

Government Rebates
The U.S. government provided two $40 rebate coupons per household for purchasing converter boxes. The rebate ended on July 31, 2009.
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We expect that the DTV transition will foster the growth of more HDTV programming, as well as the development of new content offers, taking into account the possibilities of multicasting," said Fernando Borjon Figueroa, Commissioner of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications.
Frost and Sullivan believes that lessons and case studies on DTV transition from other countries can be used as guidelines and provide lessons for Thailand's DTV roadmap.
I purposely did not get my DTV transition coupons before the June 12 deadline.
We are finding people are either very knowledgeable about the DTV transition or have no clue what is happening," said Mark Metzger, general manager for KLSR-FOX and KEVU-MyTV in Eugene.
As with e-commerce and broadband mobile services, we would all do well to note how Japan is approaching the DTV transition.
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The DTV transition is booming with more than 16 million DTV units sold since introduction," said Gary Shapiro, CEA president and chief executive officer.
But the fact is that the FCC is under immense pressure from Congress to further the DTV transition.
In its January 2001 issue, DV magazine explained "why the DTV transition will fail," and, in an editorial, DVs senior editor Jim Freeley stated that, "since its U.
With fewer than 13% of American households relying on over-the-air reception for their TV signal, we don't need a digital broadcast tuner embedded in every new television in order to accelerate the DTV transition," Shapiro added.
If the FCC's National Broadband Plan to recapture 20 more TV channels is implemented, service disruption, confusion and inconvenience for local television viewers will make the 2009 DTV transition seem like child's play," said NAB President Gordon Smith.