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(tool, storage)
("disk usage") The Unix command to list the amount of disk space consumed by a directory and its subdirectories.

Unix manual page: du(1).


On drawings, abbr. for disposal unit.
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By removing the influence of the accessories, the user calibration allows for the exact measurement of the DUT performance alone.
Simulating a high-efficiency loop with a CPW as its feed-line, the high-efficiency probe can reduce error when analyzing the relationship between loop and DUT, or when comparing the data from the model and from measurement of anFR4 four-layer substrate.
2DUT] are some unknown terms related to the leakage of cable and connector, drift, linearity and frequency error when the reference standard and the DUT are connected to port 2,
With this lead arrangement, the nanovoltmeter is connected directly across the DUT, not the series resistor, whose IR voltage drop is rejected along with that of other lead resistance.
The amplifier also adds its own noise to the DUT noise floor but noise floor degradation (in dB) is not the same as its noise figure.
Larger numbers of DUT outputs switching in unison will make ground bounce worse, as will larger voltage swings on the DUT and faster switching speeds.
For conformance testing, a protocol implementation conformance statement (PICS) document can be created using the protocol specifications, detailing the features being implemented in the DUT.
Other uncertainty components that could contribute significantly to the overall uncertainty of the DUT responsivity include wavelength uncertainty, higher order diffracted light from the monochromator, and uncertainty components related to the ACR measurements.
With a single antenna module, the user can calibrate the output power on a DUT, for example.
Before performing measurements on the DUT, a warm-up period exceeding 20 minutes was allowed, vertical calibration, deskewing check (for TDR step generator and differential cables) and normalization were performed to correct for test fixture errors and ensure maximum accuracy.