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(tool, storage)
("disk usage") The Unix command to list the amount of disk space consumed by a directory and its subdirectories.

Unix manual page: du(1).


On drawings, abbr. for disposal unit.
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When the DUT is under heavy load conditions, a random set of events can be generated.
Reflection effects on the line were minimized due to match terminations at far ends of the DUT.
Other uncertainty components that could contribute significantly to the overall uncertainty of the DUT responsivity include wavelength uncertainty, higher order diffracted light from the monochromator, and uncertainty components related to the ACR measurements.
The four-year course will be offered under DUT s Health Sciences Faculty, with bursaries being offered by the provincial Health Department.
These micro probes control the direction of the sliding action, so that the probe points move in the desired directions, for example along the long axis of rectangular DUT pads to prevent the probe points from sliding off the contact pads.
The precision high current DUT power supply (J973 GVS) provides fast response to large changes in current demand while maintaining accurate supply voltage.
According to the Secretary General Baumann, if it is proven that Vela was illegally replaced then this will present a strong case of incursion by DUT public authorities, harming its autonomy.
3) A Capture Engine that captures the packets generated by the DUT for analysis;
Agim Vela, acting rector of the Tetovo State University (DUT), stressed that this institution has been presented with a fait accompli, warning that the decision to open branches of the DUT faculties in Skopje, Kicevo, and Struga was made without consultation and is a threat to the university's autonomy.
It can be configured as a complete production solution, featuring a full function manipulator with XYZ docking to probers and handlers and a remote tester controller for DUT power and EMO.
Run-time options include DUT configuration, test flow, test limits and data logging options.
Long, independent contact springs ensure the best contact with the DUT, overcoming troublesome variations in pad height.