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Panasonic's variant of the DV (Digital Video) format. Developed for professional use, DVCPRO provides higher quality by increasing tape speed and track pitch. The increased track size uses more tape because DV tracks are recorded on the diagonal (see helical scan). Introduced in 1995, DVCPRO uses metal particle (MP) tape for added reliability and also adds cueing tracks for enhanced editing. In addition, it "locks the audio," which prevents the audio from drifting out of sync with the video.

DVCPRO tape decks play the larger DVCPRO cassettes, as well as MiniDV cassettes with an adapter.

DVCPRO50 doubles the transfer rate of standard DV, while DVCPRO HD (DVCPRO100) quadruples the rate and boosts the SD 720x480i resolution to HD resolutions of 960x720x60p/50p and 1280x1080x60i or 1440x1080x50i. DVCPRO HD also supports 24 fps recording. See DV, SD formats and HD formats.

DV Cassettes
Mid-size DVCPRO metal particle (MP) tape cassettes record two hours of DVCPRO (DVCPRO25), one hour of DVCPRO50 and 30 minutes of DVCPRO HD.
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They also purchased an Ardendo media asset management with editing software, a StorageTek(R) SL500 Digital Tape Robot with 180TB capacity, Thomson-Grass Valley(TM) K2(TM) ingest servers allowing for ingest of 20 concurrent embedded SDI DVCPRO25 streams.
Convert between DV/DVCAM to DVCPRO25 or DVCPRO25 to
DR will be able to store from 200 to 400 hours of content, depending on whether the ingest format is DVCPRO25 or DVCPRO50.
In the future, the VR400 will also support DVCPRO25 and DVCPRO50.
The plug-in will support DVCPRO25 on all products and DVCPRO50 on Liquid blue.
SGI will introduce several new capabilities for its open-architecture SGI Media Server for broadcast system, including support for D10/IMX MPEG-2 compression, DVCPRO25 and DVCPRO50 compression, and support for the MXF file format.