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The addition of 3D DXF support and vector data importing takes Voxler from great visualization software to an exciting remedial design tool.
The DXF format is the oldest and most widely used format to exchange data between mechanical and PCB design domains in electronic format.
While ShapeToDxf can open and save files in a few clicks it is sufficiently flexible to allow a more detailed approach to the creation of the DXF.
Pande and Prabhu [8] have presented a paper on the design and implementation of data extraction from DXF and tool selection for rotational components manufactured on Automats.
partner NestOne Solutions a series of DXF components for a planned job and requested a benchmark comparison.
CAM350 by DownStream Technologies does a pretty good job of importing DXF files and turning them into Gerber data, as does ASM500 by Artwork Conversion Software Inc.
This free viewer replaces the free Volo View Express, which could also view DWG, DXF, and Inventor formats (25-MB download).
This addresses a common occurrence where AutoCAD DXF files have broken polylines that appear correct when output to pen plotters but are unusable for modelers.
The image file format may be not supported at the moment, while loading a certain DXF
Profile360 checks the actual profile results against a CAD design in DXF format.
0 reads and writes DWG(TM) and DXF files and is compatible with nearly all desktop CAD software packages, including AutoCAD(R) Release 12 through 2002.
The update also allows for the import of DXF versions 2.