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daddy longlegs,

name applied to the harvestmanharvestman,
arachnid, often called daddy longlegs because of its eight long, slender legs. The harvestman has a rounded or oval body possessing glands that give off an acrid scent.
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, an arachnid, and to the crane flycrane fly,
true fly resembling a mosquito, often called daddy longlegs because of its six long, delicate legs. (The harvestman, also called daddy longlegs, belongs to an unrelated order.) Most species of crane flies have a single pair of wings and slender bodies.
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, an insect.
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Confusion often arises because the name daddy-long-legs is also applied to two distantly related bugs: the harvestmen (which are arachnids but not spiders) and cellar spiders, which have a potent venom but whose fangs are too short to pierce human skin.
Biologists say that 200 billion crane flies - the official name for daddy-long-legs - will hatch across the UK.
This follow-up to Daddy-Long-Legs was a best seller in the United States.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Daddy-long-legs or crane flies; 2 Nelson; 3 Falcon; 4 They have webbed feet; 5 The Oxford Committee For Famine Relief; 6 The Picts; 7 Scrubbers; 8 The gerbil; 9 Slovenia; 10 Julio Iglesias.
I was eating a pie at a golf course when I put a piece of meat and a whole daddy-long-legs in my mouth.
DADDY-LONG-LEGS SEASON: They are everywhere just now - and so is the deadly Peter Crouch Picture: ALEX LIVESEY/GETTY IMAGES' SEALED WITH A KISS: Crouch celebrates
The incident led to the abandonment of racing and was later attributed to loose turf caused by an infestation of the larvae stage of the crane fly, or daddy-long-legs.
Asked what one of the foals looks like at birth, he added: "If it's a thoroughbred from a pony, it's a sort of a slightly daddy-long-legs type of appearance.