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great god of Celts; father of Danu. [Celtic Myth.: Parrinder, 68; Jobes, 405]


(h)da god of abundance, war, healing. [Celtic Myth.: Parrinder, 68; Jobes, 405]
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For convenience, this type of graph is abbreviated as DAG later in the paper.
Dags should read gdags: its pairing with sribs indicates that it refers not to the place name of Dags-po / Dags-yul, but, as Stein ("Du recit au rituel," 510-11) pointed out, to the sunny, or male principle (Chinese [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
DAGs are constructed with relationships such as those in Figure l(a) as its basic building block.
Five minutes later Dags were back on level terms - Mackail- Smith had already been denied twice from six yards when he made it third time lucky with a right-footed volley.
Our discovery shows that DAGs are critical for T-cell activation so these cells can respond to foreign invaders.
Dags Woolley, 43, a college lecturer from Newcastle, said: "I think Souness should go.
Here we explore the relationship of these dags to the elimination tree and the dataflow graph.
Canada edge and the edges that TETRAD II does not direct--UK--GER, FRN-SWISS, AUS-JPN, AUS-HK, and HK-JPN--we consider scoring alternative DAGs using a version of Schwarz loss metric.
nominative singular in dividing Older Germanic languages into the dagr, dags, and daeg groups.
4-9 shots Burnley; Dagenham and Redbridge: Who let the Dags out?
Causal DAGs are a type of causal diagram that graphically represents the underlying causal relations between variables (both measured and unmeasured) in a given study setting.
Tenders are invited for notice to offerors (chapter 103d, hrs) offer forms for furnishing ten (10) 2016 or newer hybrid compact cars for the dags automotive management division (ifb-amd-16-03) will be available from and received at the automotive management division, dept.