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peak: see TaishanTaishan
or Tai
, peak, 5,069 ft (1,545 m) high, W Shandong prov., E China. Located in the homeland of Confucius, it is China's most sacred mountain. In ancient times it was believed that Taishan controlled the earthly fate of humanity.
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, China.


(tī), lake, c.1,300 sq mi (3,370 sq km), on the border between Jiangsu prov. and Zhejiang prov., E China; second largest freshwater lake in China. Dotted with islands, it is one of China's most scenic areas and was long a tourist attraction, but sightseeing has diminished due to pollution from WuxiWuxi
or Wusih
, city (1994 est. pop. 863,100), S Jiangsu prov., China, on the Grand Canal and the north bank of Tai lake. It is a silk-producing center. Foods (especially grains) are processed, and machine tools, paper products, fertilizer, and motor vehicles are also
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's industries. The lake basin is one of the richest agricultural regions in China; rice, wheat, and cotton are grown. The lake is linked to the Grand CanalGrand Canal,
Chinese Da Yunhe [large transit river], longest in the world, extending c.1,000 mi (1,600 km) from Beijing to Hangzhou, E China, and forming an important north-south waterway on the North China Plain. The canal was started in the 6th cent. B.C.
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Abbrev. (French) for International Atomic Time.



(or Yünnan Tai), a people in the People’s Republic of China, living in Yunnan Province, mainly in the autonomous region of Hsishuangpanna and the Tehung autonomous region of the Tai and Chingp’o. There are 700,000 Tai (1973, estimate). The Tai are closely related to peoples of the Thai group. Their language is one of the Tai languages, and the written language is based on the ancient Indian writing system. Anthropologically, the Tai belong to the southern Mongoloid group. Their religion is Buddhism, and their main occupation is plow farming.


Narody Vostochnoi Azii. Moscow-Leningrad, 1965.
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Cafodd Dai dipyn o wibdaith o amgylch yr ynys, ac fe aeth i Theatr Fach Llangefni hefyd.
In Korea, DAI will continue to refine its own technology while SKT, with its global Research and Development experience, will help define new applications for 3D cameras
McCarthy contacted me by telephone and said that DAI would need to take Alan's personal laptop from our home to 'wipe' certain information from it for Alan's 'protection.
Sian, who lives with Dai in Bath, met him in 2006 when they were training for Cardiff University athletics team.
Dai Jones, Llanilar, is looking forward to presenting S4C's Royal Welsh Show programmes this year, following a break from the role last year to undertake his duties as President of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society.
Dai filed several complaints of racial discrimination against various branches and members of the Presbyterian Church with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.
Six months after the Goffs sale, around Christmas time, Dai rang and told me that as I'd been underbidder on Oscar Whisky I'd better train him.
According to China's state-run Xinhua News Agency, Dai described the situation on the Korean Peninsula as ''worrisome'' and called for joint efforts to engage in serious dialogue to ease tensions.
Sir Dai was born in Aberdare, South Wales, in 1946 and was brother to Roddy Llewellyn, who had a six-year affair with Princess Margaret.
Sir Dai was the brother of Roddy Llewellyn, who had a six-year affair with Princess Margaret.
Seeking a cheap and readily available source of omega-3 fatty acids, Dai and his colleagues engineered pigs to produce large amounts of the nutrient.
Dai has denied that his book is strictly autobiographical, but he also acknowledges that many of its details are based on things he saw or experienced when he was sent from a bourgeois home (his parents were doctors, and so by Maoist reckoning, counter-revolutionary) to a remote mountain village for four hard years.