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see SiouxSioux
or Dakota,
confederation of Native North American tribes, the dominant group of the Hokan-Siouan linguistic stock, which is divided into several separate branches (see Native American languages).
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a group of Indian tribes in North America that speak Siouan languages. During the 16th century they inhabited the Great Lakes region, engaging in hoe farming, wild-rice gathering, and hunting. In the 17th century they were driven westward into the plains region by the Ojibway (Chippewa) tribes. In the process of migrating, they broke up into several tribes and groups; although differing in social and economic relationships, these tribes and groups formed a confederation, the Seven Council Fires. During the latter half of the 19th century the lands of the Dakota were seized by colonizers, and the Dakota themselves were forced to live on reservations in the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The modern Dakota are greatly assimilated, practice farming, and work as hired hands. Population is approximately 30,000 (1967, estimate).


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a former territory of the US: divided into the states of North Dakota and South Dakota in 1889
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Those were the opinions of South Dakotans on questions regarding their tax system, the need for reform and the tax effort being made by different income groups.
CarMatch Rental Coverage(TM) - with over 82,000 total highway miles to negotiate, many South Dakotans can't afford to be without a set of wheels.
And, how many South Dakotans reading about Spiegel, which employs several hundred people in the Black Hills metropolis, would realize they are looking at a firm based in Hamburg, Germany?
Nearly three in five (58%) South Dakotans expect that business conditions in the area will become much or somewhat better over the next 12 months, a figure nearly identical to the 57% of national survey participants who believe business conditions will get better in their area.
senators who voted to block this sensible legislation, despite the fact that 94 percent of North Dakotans support background checks for all gun sales.
The economic foundations of the past are not sufficient for the gainful employment of South Dakotans today and tomorrow.
Total disposable personal income for South Dakotans showed little growth for the 1987-1988 period, rising only 0.
This cross section of support for Ron Paul's message of liberty, prosperity and peace has resonated with North Dakotans of all demographics," Nelson said.
Medica has again been awarded the highest possible accreditation status, Excellent, by the prestigious National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA[R]) for its Minnesota Medicaid HMO and the commercial fully insured health plans it provides to Minnesotans, Wisconsinites, and North and South Dakotans.
The poll also indicated that North Dakotans disagree strongly with the Gang of Eight's priorities.
He won the affection of North Dakotans for the way he went about his work.