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(formerly Iman), a city (since 1917) in Primor’e Krai, RSFSR. Situated on the lower reaches of the Bol’shaia Ussurka River (a tributary of the Ussuri). Railroad station on the Khabarovsk-Vladivostok line. Population, 28,000 (1970). It is the center of the wood-products industry (75–80 percent of the city’s industrial workers), with wood-products and housing-construction combines and a cooperage factory. There is also a meat-packing combine, a vegetable cannery, and a veterinary technicum. [10–413–5; updated]

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Since Monday afternoon, the repair and rescue teams managed to restore automobile roads leading to the territory's northernmost Terneisky district, as well as to a number of villages and townships in the Kirovsk and Dalnerechensk districts where relief supplies of foodstuffs have been delivered.
Open Competition: COT / DVPTUS / 2015 Maintenance and preventive maintenance systems, automatic fire fighting systems, fire alarm, warning and gas fire extinguishing installations at facilities Belogorskogo CES, CES Obluchensky Khabarovsk CES, CES Dalnerechensk, Seaside CES