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, dal, dholl
a tropical African and Asian leguminous shrub, Cajanus cajan, cultivated in tropical regions for its nutritious pealike seeds


(1) (Dedicated Access Line) A private "tie line" between a customer and the telephone company.

(2) (Data Access Language) A database interface from Apple that allows the Mac to access DAL-supported databases on Macs or non-Apple computers. It is a superset of SQL. Database vendors license the specs and translate DAL calls to their database engines.
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Dal was firm politicians who are emblematic for the hardships during the painful transition of the country from Communism to democracy, such as Ahmed Dogan, must go into retirement.
I have nothing against Mestan, but he will be the one taming the fires," said Dal.
After some two decades of close political and personal friendship, including with respect to the establishment of the local DPS organizations all over Bulgaria, Dal criticized Dogan publicly for the latter's involvement with the former State Security, the secret police and intelligence of the Bulgarian Communist regime.
The DAL Server also reinforces Apple's commitment to providing complete Macintosh integration with the AS/400 at all levels from physical data links and protocols to higher level application and data access.
Apple's DAL Server is the first AS/400 product delivered under the Enterprise Networking Initiative, one of five initiatives that comprise the milestone Apple/IBM alliance agreement signed October 2, 1991.