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city (1990 pop. 21,761), seat of Whitfield co., extreme NW Ga., in the Appalachian valley; inc. 1847. It is a highly industrialized city in a farm area. Its large tufted-textile industry was begun in the late 1800s and still remains important; the city is the center of the U.S. carpet industry. In the Civil War, Dalton (Confederate headquarters after the Chattanooga campaign) fell to Gen. Sherman in the Atlanta campaign (1864). The Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park is nearby, as is a state park.




gang bank robbers of late 1800s; killed in shootout (1892). [Am. Hist.: Flexner, 15–16]


John. 1766--1844, English chemist and physicist, who formulated the modern form of the atomic theory and the law of partial pressures for gases. He also gave the first accurate description of colour blindness, from which he suffered
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Almost at the same time, though, a bullet fired by Coffeyville liveryman John Kloehr tore through Grat's throat and the eldest of the three Daltons collapsed in the dirt dead, a few feet from Marshal Connelly.
The James and Dalton gangs learned this--the hard way.
Bigger is constantly saying that he is unable to make out what various white characters, particularly the Daltons and Jan Erlone, are talking about.
Of course, the Daltons have an interest in not demystifying these narratives despite the death of their daughter.
Dalton is holding contains is not made explicit, Bigger is asked to produce another written document, one given to him by the relief organization which has sent him to the Daltons.