Daly City

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Daly City,

city (1990 pop. 92,311), San Mateo co., W Calif., a suburb of San Francisco; inc. 1911. Daly City is primarily residential, its population having grown significantly since the 1970s. The "Cow Palace," scene of the 1964 Republican national convention, is there. Sparsely settled until the 1860s, when a small community developed by the railroad station near dairyman John Daly's farm, Daly City burgeoned when refugees from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake settled on lots carved from the farm. The area remained largely agricultural until after World War II.
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Leading the Daly City location is the former franchise owner Chuck Colliver, a seasoned real estate leader who has been in and around the Bay Area real estate market since 1980.
The heart of Alice Bulos was the subject of tributes at the memorial service for her on October 29-30, at the Duggan's Chapel in Daly City, by federal and state officials who knew her and by the community she loved and empowered.
The popular Daly City garden-style property is comprised of 256-units that offer spacious apartment living, featuring open living spaces, walk-in closets and furnished homes.
John Q distributes his weight evenly on a front-side bluntslide in Daly City, CA.
Victor Edward Willis, co-writer and lead singer of YMCA, In The Navy and Macho Man, bragged about his former fame as officers searched his car in Daly City, California, because of an outstanding drug-possession warrant.
Officers found the loaded weapon and what they believed was crack cocaine in Victor Edward Willis's convertible after stopping him in Daly City, near San Francisco.
Daly City, the federal district court ruled that this provision in the local privacy ordinances, which had been patterned after the legislation, was illegal and pre-empted by the FCRA.
Marilyn Beckstrom, a straight high school teacher from Daly City, Calif.
He's also running hard against a fellow member of the Daly City Council.
After its completion, Genesys will keep its current senior management team and headquarters in Daly City, California.