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1. a conspicuous and often rounded natural elevation of the earth's surface, less high or craggy than a mountain
2. over the hill Military slang absent without leave or deserting


1. Archibald Vivian. 1886--1977, British biochemist, noted for his research into heat loss in muscle contraction: shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1922)
2. Damon Graham Devereux, son of Graham Hill. born 1960, British motor-racing driver; Formula One world champion (1996)
3. David Octavius 1802--70, Scottish painter and portrait photographer, noted esp for his collaboration with the chemist Robert Adamson (1821-- 48)
4. Geoffrey (William). born 1932, British poet: his books include King Log (1968), Mercian Hymns (1971), The Mystery of the Charity of Charles Péguy (1983), and The Orchards of Syon (2002)
5. Graham. 1929--75, British motor-racing driver: world champion (1962, 1968)
6. Octavia. 1838--1912, British housing reformer; a founder of the National Trust
7. Sir Rowland. 1795--1879, British originator of the penny postage
8. Susan (Elizabeth). born 1942, British novelist and writer of short stories: her books include I'm the King of the Castle (1970) The Woman in Black (1983), and Felix Derby (2002)

What does it mean when you dream about a hill?

To climb and climb is to struggle and not succeed, whereas to reach the top of the hill is to have succeeded.


A land surface feature characterized by strong relief; it is a prominence smaller than a mountain.
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Damon Hill With the prospect of seats being available at Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes in 2013, Hamilton could have his pick of teams.
Even so the German collided with Damon Hill for Herbert to be gifted a highly popular first victory of his career.
The Formula One title battle between Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton could boil over in Sunday's British Grand Prix, according to former world champion and fellow Briton Damon Hill.
Hamilton joins an illustrious list of racing greats, including British drivers Nigel Mansell, James Hunt, Sir Jackie Stewart, Graham and Damon Hill, Jim Clark, John Surtees and Mike Hawthorn.
Who lost his Formula One world motor racing championship crown to Damon Hill in 1996?
The Scot has every confidence that the young leader will secure the world title in Brazil and become the first Brit since Damon Hill in 1996 to do so.
To celebrate the US Grand Prix this weekend we are giving away a massive poster signed by Damon Hill.
F1 Racing magazine expects to drive up sales of its millennium issue which has former world motor racing champion Damon Hill as guest editor.
Damon Hill, the 1996 Formula One champion, is looking for a new team after Arrows-Yamaha announced it will put Mika Salo in Hill's car next year.
Renault also has supplied Champion-powered engines to Lotus, Williams and Bennetton F-1 teams, while Champion has helped drivers Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve win F-1 world championships.
Andrew emerged from a two-seater, 600hp Formula Masters car after being chauffeured by Damon Hill to say it was like being a passenger in a Tornado fighter jet.
Former Formula One world champion and British Racing Drivers' Club chairman Damon Hill recently confirmed that the situation was drawing to a head, with only the finer details of a new contract to be finalised.