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Runyon, Damon

(Alfred Damon Runyon), 1884–1946, American short story writer and journalist, b. Manhattan, Kans. He is best known for his humorous stories—written in a picturesque, slangy journalistic idiom (often referred to as Runyonese)—about New York City's Broadway and underworld characters. Collections of his works include Guys and Dolls (1931), Blue Plate Special (1934), Money from Home (1935), and Runyon à la Carte (1944). The musical Guys and Dolls (1950) was based on Runyon's stories.


See biographies by D. Runyon, Jr. (1954) and J. Breslin (1991).

Runyon, (Alfred) Damon

(1884–1946) journalist, author; born in Manhattan, Kans. He wrote a wide-ranging syndicated column, "On the Brighter Side," for the Hearst chain (1918–36), and penned colorful stories about hoodlums, racketeers, bookies, and other eccentric types encountered in New York's Times Square district. His stories, sold for large sums and collected in several books, inspired the 1950 Broadway musical Guys and Dolls.
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O'Sullevan, whose guests also included Julian Muscat of The Times, who proof-read his book, said: 'The late Damon Runyan was well acquainted with the laws of probability and wrote as recently as 1934, 'I long ago came to the conclusion that life is 6-5 against'.
Story: Based on Damon Runyan stories, the play concerns a group of low-life gamblers and their lady friends.
American writer Damon Runyan describing his famous racing hustler Hot Horse Herbie in The Racing World of Damon Runyon.
c) a Damon Runyan character; d) a footballing great; e) a much-loved character from a one-time soap opera?
Based on Damon Runyan short stories, ``Guys and Dolls'' centers on a dizzy showgirl with a big heart, a church missionary trying to save souls in 1940s New York City, and inveterate gamblers Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit.