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see dragonflydragonfly,
any insect of the order Odonata, which also includes the damselfly. Members of this order are generally large predatory insects and characteristically have chewing mouthparts and four membranous, net-veined wings; they undergo complete metamorphosis.
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Eddie Boyle, fishing the loch with a hothead damsel fly, hooked into this cracking Golden Trout - which the management had tagged the Willy Wonka Fish.
Most of the fish ( which were all safely released ( fell to a Damsel fly.
Over three visits to the fishery Martin Ruddick safely released 81 trout ( his best day, using Damsel fly and Blob saw him bring more than 40 fish to the net.
Then, as a final pastoral treat, he took me to the only site in Northumberland where the banded demoiselle damsel fly exists.
Cardiff fly fisherman Lee Ashcroft caught this 20lb 6oz rainbow trout on a blue flash damsel fly when he paid a visit to Lechlade Fishery