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(Dates of birth and death unknown.) Ancient Indian author and theoretician of literature of the sixth and seventh centuries.

Dandin was the author of The Mirror of Poetry, a treatise on the theory of literature, and the novel Adventures of the Ten Princes, which is genetically connected with the fairytale epos of Gunadhya’s Brhatkatha. The novel Story About the Beauty From Avanti is attributed to Dandin. As a theoretician Dandin developed a theory of tropes and also worked out a theory of style. His concepts influenced the further development of the theory of literature and poetics in India, including the study of alankaras and the theory of dhvani.


In Russian translation:
Prikliucheniia desiati printsev
. Moscow, 1964.


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Mercifully for most readers, almost all the excerpts from the traditionally "obscure and unreadable" ancient and medieval texts are quite brief: for example, eleven pages for the Natyasastra, six for Bhartrhari, four for Dandin, and only nine for the eighth-century Dhvanyaloka of Anandavardhana, considered "the most central theory of literature in Indian tradition," with just four for his most important opponent.
Fe fyddai'n rhaid i chi fod yn ddihiryn dandin a di-deimlad I fanteisio ar y teimladau hynny.