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(dän`dōlō), ancient Venetian family that produced four doges, many admirals, and other prominent citizens.

Enrico Dandolo, c.1108–1205, became doge in 1192. He is considered the founder of the Venetian colonial empire. In the Fourth Crusade (see CrusadesCrusades
, series of wars undertaken by European Christians between the 11th and 14th cent. to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims. First Crusade

In the 7th cent., Jerusalem was taken by the caliph Umar.
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) he acted to divert the Crusaders in 1202 to Zara (see ZadarZadar
, Ital. Zara, city (2011 pop. 75,062), W Croatia, on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. A seaport and a tourist center, it has industries that produce liqueur, processed fish, textiles, and cigarettes.
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) and in 1203 to Constantinople. Though aged and blind, he commanded the fleet in the capture (1204) of Constantinople and secured for Venice the most valuable share of the spoils and of the conquered Greek territories. In 1205 he and Emperor Baldwin IBaldwin I
, 1171–1205, 1st Latin emperor of Constantinople (1204–5). The count of Flanders (as Baldwin IX), he was a leader in the Fourth Crusade (see Crusades).
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 of Constantinople were defeated near Adrianople by the Bulgars. Baldwin having been captured, Dandolo led the remnants of the Latin forces back to Constantinople, where he soon died.

Andrea Dandolo, c.1307–1354, doge of Venice (1343–54), was professor of jurisprudence at Padua before his election. He subdued rebellious Zara, fought successfully against Genoa, and reorganized the laws of Venice. He wrote a chronicle of Venetian history and was a friend of Petrarch.

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One of my friends--one of my friends, please to observe, not myself," said Athos, interrupting himself with a melancholy smile, "one of the counts of my province--that is to say, of Berry--noble as a Dandolo or a Montmorency, at twenty-five years of age fell in love with a girl of sixteen, beautiful as fancy can paint.
He meditates on Piantar il leone and invokes Enrico Dandolo, Saint Anthony of Padua and Santa Rita.
This year, Iraq's pavilion at the Ca' Dandolo offers a pointed mix of local art and international influence.
Another contemporary of Turini Bufalini was Lucrezia Marinelli, who, besides several religious narrative poems, published, in 1635, the chivalric poem Enrico ovvero Bisanzio acquistato, celebrating the Venetian doge Enrico Dandolo, leader of the Fourth Crusade (1202 -1204), when the Christian cities of Zadar (Dalmatia) and Constantinople were conquered rather than the Holy Land.
Tour guides inform visitors that Dandolo was the Doge of Venice who, in his nineties, was one of the key leaders of the Fourth Crusade which inflicted terrible damage on Constantinople -- from which the city never recovered.
He will present a group exhibition of works by Iraqi artists to run from June to November 2013 at the Palazzo Dandolo, Grand Canal, Venice.
Chapter four, "The Epic Woman: L'Enrico ovvero Bisanzio acquistato," turns to Marinella's epic poem, set during the Fourth Crusade and dedicated to its Venetian leader Enrico Dandolo (1120-1205).
Even if my godson and his bride are unable to afford the refurbished 14th century Palazzo Dandolo, I did recommend the rooftop restaurant of the Hotel Daniele for lunch.
18 Italian submarines (Bronzo, Ascianghi, Alagi, Dessie, Avorio, Dandolo, Emo, Cobalto, Otaria, Axum, Asteria, Brin, Wolframio, Granito, Dagabur, Giada, Uarsciek, Vellela)