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, officially Republic of Benin, republic (2015 est. pop. 10,576,000), 43,483 sq mi (112,622 sq km), W Africa, bordering on Togo in the west, on Burkina Faso and Niger in the north, on Nigeria in the east, and on the Bight of Benin (an arm of the Gulf of Guinea) in the
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, republic.
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The kings of Danhome had military objectives, of course, but they also had artistic ones.
The applique canvasses are a genre whose history in the kingdom of Danhome is relatively well known; they are thought to originate in the cults of a vodoun whose followers were wont to dress in multicolored short skirts that made rainbow effects as they swirled, which in the Fon culture was a sign of the presence of the serpent Dan Aydowedo (which some have no hesitation in comparing to the Ouroboros of the Greeks).
The thrones of the kings of Danhome are another example of the presence of unique objects in the court arts of the former kingdom of Danhome.