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a nation (natsiia, nation in the historical sense), making up more than 98 percent of the total population of Denmark—over 4.8 million (1970, estimate); they also live in the northwestern parts of the Federal Republic of Germany (about 15,000), Sweden (about 25,000), and the USA (about 450,000). They speak Danish; most of the believers are Lutherans.

In ancient times the territory of present-day Denmark was settled by Germanic tribes of Cimbri, Jutes, Angles, and Saxons; during the fifth and sixth centuries the Germanic tribe of Danes intruded from southern Sweden. From the sixth through the eighth centuries there occurred a disintegration of the primitive communal structure among these tribes, and in the tenth and 11th centuries a unified Danish nationality was formed from them; an early feudal state took shape. During the 19th century the Danish nation was formed.


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She said that the Danish people feel 'ashamed' because Copenhagen's right-wing anti-migrant government placed advertisements in Arabic-language newspapers telling refugees not to seek asylum in Denmark.
The consul general vowed that, "Denmark will continue to protect our countrymen in the Jewish community" and that the Danish people will not allow anti-Semitism "to take root in Denmark," as demonstrated by the "Prime Minister's statements, the sea of flowers and condolences by the synagogue, and, perhaps the most powerful statement of all, 40,000 Danish citizens at a candlelight vigil in Copenhagen.
We stand in solidarity with the Danish people and send our deepest condolences to the families of those who were killed and injured.
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loefven, after speaking with his Danish counterpart, said he stands in "solidarity'' with the Danish people and that he "strongly condemns all attempts to silent the free debate.
David Cameron said his thoughts were with the Danish people, tweeting: "I condemn the shootings in Copenhagen.
We offer our full support for the Danish Government and Danish people as they deal with these terrible incidents," he added.
Let the Danish people taste the best mangoes of the world," he urged.
The ex-pats and Danish people, who had bought tickets, loved him.
This new growth plan is yet another step in an ongoing process of improving competitiveness and generating growth to the benefit of both businesses and the Danish people.
And I would like to say to the Danish people - destroying a beautiful, healthy animal because it was surplus to your needs just isn't good enough.
One 2010 study of thousands of middle-aged Danish people found (http://link.
More than 300,000 Danish people visited Turkey for vacation last year, said DYHR, adding that this figure would increase this year.
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