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a mountain range in the Yin mountain system, in China. The range is 260 km long, with heights up to 2,400 m. It is made up of gneisses, sandstone, and basalt. The southern slope, which descends to the valley of the Huang River, is steep and very jagged, and the northern slope has a gentle incline. The vegetation is mostly of the steppe variety. Livestock is bred in the Tach’ing range.

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As of 2014, the Asia-Pacific 2-EH market is majorly dominated by Sinopec Limited, LG Chem Limited, Tianjin Soda Plant, Shandong Jianlan Chemical Company, Daqing Petrochemical Company, and Nan Ya Plastics Corp.
Pertamina at the time offered a total of 24 oil and gas fields to major upstream service companies, such as UK-based Petrofac and China-based Daqing Oilfield Company Ltd.
The annual output of Daqing in Heilongjiang, China's largest field, is expected to drop from an estimated 40 million tonnes in 2014 to 32 million tonnes by 2020, according to the state newswire Xinhua.
1205 was credited with doing more than any other to develop the super-giant Daqing oil field amid the frozen swamps of northeast China.
It will be produced in a new Geely-funded Volvo factory in Daqing in Heilongjiang Province.
The topics include polymer flooding practice in Daqing, alkaline flooding, surfactant enhanced oil recovery in carbonate reserves, facility requirements for implementing a chemical enhanced oil recovery project, the use of microorganisms to enhance oil recovery, and the cold production of heavy oil.
Another 15 million tonnes of oil flows yearly through a junction to the Chinese city of Daqing.
The system was developed for a micro-CT scanning of Daqing and Yan'an oil shales, to study changes in their internal structure at various temperatures.
Annual oil output surpasses 10 million tons in Daqing Oilfield by using polymer flooding technology, serious eccentric wear to rod and tubing of pumping wells appears as the polymer is viscoelastic fluid.
Beijing, April 14 (BNA) -- At least nine people were killed in an explosion at a chemical plant in Lamadian Town of Daqing City in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province Wednesday night, local officials said Thursday morning.
An oil pipeline linking the Chinese city of Daqing with the Russian city of Skovorodino has begun operating.
It green-lighted the purchase of Volvo Cars by Geely Holding Group and publicly owned investment firm Daqing, owned by the Daqing city government in north-east China's Heilongjiang Province.