Darial Gorge

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Dar’ial Gorge


a gorge of the Terek River where it cuts across the Bokovyi Range of the Greater Caucasus Mountains in the Georgian SSR. For a distance of 3 km, cliffs rise to an altitude of 1.000 m above the river. The Georgian Military Road passes through the gorge. Ancient geographers knew the Dar’ial Gorge as the Gateway of the Caucasus (the Alan Gateway).

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De suerte que el imperio turco se extendia ahora hasta el Don por el Oeste y hasta los pasos caucasicos de Darial y Derbend por el Sur.
Te vi a traves del Vermouth, a trasluz de su vid (Wermuth, asi te llamaron los druidas germanos) y antes de este por los versos de Pasternak: "Mientras estuve en el Darial fui recibido/ Como amigo en el infierno, en un deposito y un arsenal/La vida en el delirio igual que Lermontov estremeci/ Como labios que se zambullen en Vermouth".
It led in the direction of (Latin add) the Darial Pass, as sources for Nero's plans report.
The chapters on the Iranian and Arabic sources present significant material on the Alans since Alania proper was situated on the northwestern borders of Eranshahr (later ruled by the Abbasid caliphate) across the strategic passes of Darial and Darband in the greater Caucasus range.
The new radar was a development of the Darial set, but used decimeter UHF band instead of the meter VHF band of all previous radar sets (Dniestr, Dniepr, and Darial).
Typical of this shift was the recent majority purchase of the Darial TV Group in Russia for $10 million by Sweden's Modern Times Group.
The Swedish media group Modern Times Group AB (MTG) has signed an agreement to acquire a 75% stake in the Russian commercial TV station Darial TV.
Este adjetivo constituye en ruso una hermosisima metafora, derivada de un toponimo del Caucaso, la famosa Garganta del rio Darial, cantada por los poetas romanticos rusos hasta la saciedad, que simboliza la belleza femenina exotica del sur, de ojos negros y profundos.
290 means the Pass of Darial is suggested very strongly by Silvae 4.
The new ventures are Viasat+, Viasat3 Hungary and Darial TV within the Viasat Broadcasting business area, as well as Everyday.
In November 2002, the governments of Russia and Azerbaijan reached an agreement concerning re-activation of the long-range Darial radar in Gabalinsk, Azerbaijan.
30 2001 2000 2001 2000 (a) (a) Net Sales 4,550 3,775 1,415 1,188 Earnings after depreciation and 295 80 18 -40 amortisation for Established Operations (b) Earnings after depreciation and -145 -33 -49 -21 amortisation for New Ventures (c) Total earnings after depreciation 150 47 -31 -61 and amortisation (b) (a) Adjusted for changes in Swedish GAAP and changes in organisational structure since Q3 2000 (b) Including participations but excluding non-recurring items (c) New Ventures comprise operations started in the last two years and include Viasat + in Norway, Viasat3 in Hungary, Darial TV in Russia and Everyday.