Dark Delicacies

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Del Howison, owner of the Dark Delicacies book store.

Dark Delicacies

(pop culture)

America’s premier horror/vampire-oriented book store, Dark Delicacies, filled a need in 1995 for a book store serving a national (and even international) clientele. The store specializes in horror fiction and nonfiction books and related movies, jewelry, and paraphernalia. Located in Burbank, California, Dark Delicacies is owned by Del Howison and his wife Sue, who opened the store to sell horror in a context largely unadulterated by science fiction and fantasy. Located in proximity to a number of southern California television and film production companies, the store has become a major resource and a site for various documentaries. Authors of new books participate in scheduled book signings held there several times each mondi.

Dark Delicacies became one of the principal sponsors of Dracula ‘97: A Centennial Celebration, the grand event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the publication of Dracula. The Howisons organized the exhibit area for the event and coordinated the numerous autograph sessions by the authors and celebrity guests. The store has also become the meeting place for various fan groups such as the Phantom Coaches Hearse Society and the Un-dead Poets Society. The store caters to book collectors and may be contacted through its Website, http://www.darkdel.com/.

As the world of Hollywood filmmaking and horror writing became intertwined, the store became a place for both moviemakers and writers to promote their wares, sponsoring multiple book and DVD signing events monthly. The Howisons have also published several short story anthologies featuring writers who frequent the store. Their anthologies Dark Delicacies and Dark Delicacies II: Fear, were nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, as was their nonfiction reference text, The Book of Lists: Horror.

Del Howison has appeared in a number of movies, from cameo appearances to a speaking part in Don Glut‘s Blood Scarab (2008). In the process, Del became the only cinema actor to play Renfield multiple times (four in all). Del has also authored a short story, “The Lost Herd.” Under the name “Sacrifice,” it became the premiere episode of the television anthology series “Fear Itself’ on NBC (2008).


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