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see beerbeer,
alcoholic beverage made by brewing and fermenting cereals, especially malted barley, usually with the addition of hops as a flavoring agent and stabilizer. One of the oldest of alcoholic beverages (there is archaeological evidence dating to c.3000 B.C.
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(food engineering)
A fermented malt beverage, differing from beer in containing up to 8% alcohol by volume and being hopped more heavily.


1. a beer fermented in an open vessel using yeasts that rise to the top of the brew
2. (formerly) an alcoholic drink made by fermenting a cereal, esp barley, but differing from beer by being unflavoured by hops
3. Chiefly Brit another word for beer


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I have two ales to sell: Lovely Nelly, a copper coloured pale ale, and Jack the Devil, a full-bodied dark ale.
Among the leading sellers are a malty Belgian Tripei Karmeliere at $1 2 a bottle and the peppery dark ale, Ayinger Celebrator, at $9 a bottle.
Oakshire Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk won this year's silver medal for Oakshire's Overcast Espresso Stout, a dark ale crafted with locally roasted and cold-pressed organic espresso beans.
The resulting 6% abv dark ale has ripe malt flavours with aromas of dark fruits, spiced with ginger and botanicals.
In recent years, however, punters will have struggled to get a pint of the much-loved Birmingham dark ale after a series of take-overs left it practically mothballed.
A rich dark ale, it's brewed with caramel and has a taste that will light up your taste buds like a rocket in a November night sky.
Its family of premium handcrafted beers include upper Canada Lager, Dark Ale, Wheat, Light Lager, Point Nine, Rebellion Lager, and now Maple Brown Ale.
I particularly liked the dangerously drinkable Old Tom dark ale, named when the head brewer sketched Tom, the old brewery cat, into immortality.
It also tries to offer a local and a dark ale at all time - plus, as it's a Wetherspoon, the food is cheap and plentiful.
Ingredients 250g cheddar cheese 125g Welsh butter 150g plain flour 1/2 bottle of dark ale - preferably Portmeirion Number Six Three egg yolks 1 tbsp Worcester sauce 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard 1 tbsp English mustard
Conwy Brewery said its Sunday Toast has infused lamb in the brewing process, combining the aromas of a Sunday roast with a dark ale.
89 A classic Scottish dark ale with overtones of chocolate and coffee, spicy hops and a long finish that reveals the full richness of it's rural origins.