Data General

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Data General

A US computer manufacturer. Responsible for the Nova minicomputer.

Quarterly sales $284M, profits -$12M (Aug 1994).

Data General

(Data General Corporation, Westboro, MA) One of the first minicomputer companies, founded in 1968 by Edson de Castro, Henry Burkhardt and Richard Sogge, all former employees of Digital Equipment Corporation, and Herbert Richman, formerly of Fairchild Semiconductor. De Castro and Sogge designed Digital's PDP-5 and PDP-8 product lines, while Burkhardt headed the programming for the machines.

In 1969, Data General introduced the Nova, the first 16-bit minicomputer with four accumulators, a leading technology at the time. During its early years, the company was successful in the scientific, academic and OEM markets. With its 32-bit ECLIPSE family of computers and its Comprehensive Electronic Office (CEO) software, Data General gained entry into the commercial marketplace in the early 1980s.

In subsequent years, Data General switched from proprietary hardware to Motorola and then Intel-based computers with its AViiON line, running Windows NT and its own version of Unix (DG/UX). The CLARiiON line of RAID storage systems was introduced in the early 1990s. In 1999, EMC acquired the company and continued to promote the CLARiiON products.

The "Eagle project," Data General's development of its ECLIPSE and first 32-bit computer, was chronicled in Tracy Kidder's Pulitzer-prize winning novel, "Soul of a New Machine," published by Little, Brown and Company, ISBN 0-316-49170-5. See Data General One and EMC.

Edson de Castro
De Castro's Novas helped expand the market for "low-priced" computers (under USD $100,000, that is). Minicomputers were expected to make mainframes obsolete. (Image courtesy of Data General Corporation.)
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EMC's Data General Division has been providing high-technology healthcare solutions for over 20 years and has a technological presence in over 3700 hospitals worldwide.
Strategic alliances with leading software vendors and systems integrators enable Data General to deliver complete solutions that meet customers' business need to simplify, consolidate, and control information technology infrastructures.
EMC's Data General Division's servers based on our latest Pentium III Xeon processor at 700 MHz and the Pentium III processor at 850 MHz provide servers with the power, ease of use and reliability required for enterprise-class systems.
Our PAC solutions provides the highest quality of services and digital imaging technology in combination with our leading AViiON servers," said Rick Matteo, Director of Healthcare Business Development, Data General, a Division of EMC Corporation.
It's a perfect match: Data General provides advanced, scalable computer servers and storage systems and JBSi integrates, delivers and supports those systems and software," added Giobbi.
Delivering on its commitment to high-availability consolidation solutions announced in February with the formation of the EMC/Microsoft alliance, Data General is combining its rackmount AViiON(R) servers, clustering solutions, and industry-leading 99.
We are confident that our partnership with Data General will further our vision of simple, cost-effective and easily managed and deployed data availability solutions across the enterprise.
Allowing customers to simplify, control and consolidate their computing environments, Data General continues to offer new highly available solutions and capabilities to its customers.
The clinical web-server solution, jointly offered by Data General and eHealthEngines and marketed worldwide by Data General's considerable healthcare sales force, offers customers a simple route to the web with their physician-to-physician communications connectivity.
Symmetrix and Celerra are now available in addition to EMC CLARiiON(R) storage solutions, which Data General has been selling successfully for almost a decade.