Data Input

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Data Input


(into an electronic computer), the set of procedures that provides for the storage of initial and auxiliary information in electronic computers for subsequent processing. This is done with automatic and semiautomatic input devices (usually in digital computers, less frequently in analog computers) and manually.

The data input in analog computers specifies the commutation of the operation units, the assignment of the starting conditions, the establishment of the amplifier and potentiometer transmission factors, and the setting of the functional dependence and variable coefficient assignment units. In the ideal analog computer the data input process is fully automated—for example, by means of a punch tape that controls the variation of the potentiometer transmission factors and the setting of the function generators.

The digital computer data input operation is performed in two stages: preprocessing of the input data (that is, representation of the data in digital form and translation from a natural language to the machine language of a specific digital computer, with or without recording, on an intermediate data carrier) and the input (storage) of the processed data directly into the computer. These operations are performed either at different times (with the manual and semiautomated input processes) or simultaneously (with the fully automated input process), depending on the type of computer, its performance and technical equipment, and the circuitry and principle of operation of the input devices.

The data input process is closely associated with the programming systems and procedures, the organization of the external communications system of the digital computer, and the specifications of the communication channels through which the data are fed.

The efficient utilization of computer time, the cost of the entire computer complex, and the expediency of its utilization depend to a large extent on the selection of technical facilities used to provide the data input. The input devices, which determine the data input rate, perform the inter-mediate data-processing operations at a considerably slower speed than a processor. To obtain the optimal load of the digital computer, several input devices (often of different types) are set up to operate simultaneously. The data input process usually requires the use of electromechanical and photoelectric punch-tape and card readers, magnetic-tape readers, and devices for coupling the digital computer with communication channels providing the automatic data input directly from the composing units or other digital computers. Occasionally—for example, with self-adjustment or checking of individual units—the data is fed from a keyboard on the control panels of these units or from the digital computer’s central control panel. Promising methods are being developed, such as data input by voice, computer reading of manuscripts and printed texts, and graphic display of input data.


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As in the previous budgets we've discussed, all the information for the Manufacturing Overhead Budget is drawn from the Data Input Sheet or previous budgets.
This is achieved by allowing users to only enter part of an address to search and return a full one, reducing the keystrokes needed for data input and ensuring the details are correct.
And, of course, each point of data input engenders transaction costs and increases the potential for input errors, failed filings, and inaccurate reports.
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The P14/VT model, which comes with a printer and data input terminal, allows operators to vary the platen temperature between 60 and 180[degrees]C.
The successful selection and implementation of an effective, efficient and easily adopted data input device can make or break the program.
The package consists of a configuration kit that provides the necessary tools to set up data collection, design data input screens, and produce charts.
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Integrated with the FFlex eSuite[TM] Laboratory Information System (LIS), all data input through FFlex eOrders is in real time and resides on the single LIS server, facilitating single point administration.
With the Model P14/VT, which comes with printer and data input terminal, operators can vary the platen temperature between 60-180[degrees]C.
com), the leading manufacturer and worldwide marketer of high quality, washable data input and security devices, has introduced its patented technology - Unotron WM10 ScrollSeal Washable Optical Mouse - which is SpillSeal[R] protected, to IP66 and NEMA 4X standards.

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