Data definition language

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Data definition language

(language, database)

1. A language enabling the structure and instances of a database to be defined in a human-, and machine-readable form.

SQL contains DDL commands that can be used either interactively, or within programming language source code, to define databases and their components, e.g. CREATE and DROP.

See also Data manipulation language (DML).

2. A specification language for databases, based on the entity-relationship model. It is used in the Eli compiler-compiler to manage type definitions.

["DDL Reference Manual", ECE Dept U Colorado, 1991].
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Generation of Data Definition Language in all major SQL flavors.
The MetaRecon software integrates data profiling and analysis, as well as a sophisticated meta data repository, generation of data models, data definition language (DDL) descriptions, XML, Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) jobs, and OLAP specifications
The ability to refresh, replicate and audit data definition language used to create and modify database objects greatly reduces the time and effort required to perform common administrative tasks.
The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) announced today that Foliage Software Systems has agreed to create a toolkit that will help developers write code that conforms to Market Data Definition Language (MDDL).
Moreover, the data definition language generated by ER/Studio was superior to ERwin's; we did not have to edit any of the code that ER/Studio produced," the review stated.
iReflect can also replicate Data Definition Language (DDL) used to create and modify database objects, and audit all definitional changes that occur on the primary Oracle database.