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a genus of plants of the family Solanaceae. The plants are grasses, more rarely bushes and trees. The blossoms are large and pentagonal; the corolla is a hornlike funnel. There are more than ten species, primarily in the tropics and subtropics.

Common Datura (D. stramonium), or thorn apple, is found in the USSR. It is an annual plant growing to 1.2 m, with scaly, indented, lobed leaves. The blossoms are single and white. The fruit is a pod, covered with sharp spikes. It grows as a weed along the edges of pastures, in refuse areas, and the like. It is also found along the banks of rivers and streams in the southern half of the European part of the USSR, in the Caucasus, Western Siberia and Middle Asia. It is cultivated for medicinal purposes in Krasnoiarsk Krai, southern Ukraine. All parts of the plant contain poisonous alkaloids (hyoscyamine, scopolamine, and atropine). The dried leaves are used in compounding asthmatine and asthmatol, preparations for treating bronchial asthma.

Harmless, or Indian, Datura (D. innoxia) is cultivated in the southern regions of the USSR. It is originally from Central and South America. D. metel, from southern Asia, is also cultivated; its unripened fruits contain scopolamine. Certain annual varieties (D. fastuosa, D. humilis) are raised in gardens, while perennials (D. arborea, D. sanguinea) are grown in outdoor gardens and in rooms as decoratives.


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The hallucinogenic properties of Datura stramonium have been described for centuries and across many countries.
However, AL-Humid [1] showed that nitrogen fertilization causes an increase in alkaloid content in Datura plant at moderate fertilizer doses while at high doses, a decrease was observed.
Many expatriate labourers, particularly Bangladeshis, regularly consume the datura flower raw in powder form or even as an inhaler.
Datura is known in America as poor man's acid, and the symptoms of it seem to be there in the male figure.
This rich, mostly foliage composition contains (A) Medusa ferns (Nephrolepis obiliterata); (B) purple-leafed Persian shield; (C) 'Triple Yellow' Datura metel; (D) coleus; (E) fragrant, white-flowered bouvardia; (F) lamium.
On a day when Jamie Spencer took the riding honours with a 104- 1 treble, owner-breeder Lord Hartington completed a double with two of his home-bred recruits, Datura and Metronome-the third time he has had two winners at a meeting, writes Tom O'Ryan.
Poisonous ornamental nightshades include tree datura or angel's trumpet (Brugmansia), Jerusalem cherry (Solanum pseudocapsicum), night-blooming jasmine (Cestrum nocturnum) and deadly nightshade or belladonna (Atropa belladonna).
Historical records cite widespread use of Datura by shamans in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico as early as 500 years ago.
Located at 205 Datura Street in downtown West Palm Beach, the Fidelity Federal building was built in 1928 and retrofitted with WINDOWLOCK.
foliusum, Lactuca sativa, Cucumis melo, Cucurbita pepo, Phaseolus vulgaris, Pisum sativum, Vicia faba, Datura metel, Lycopersicon esculentum, Nicotiana benthamiana, Nicotiana clevelandii, Nicotiana debneyi, Nicotiana glutinosa, Nicotiana hesperis, Nicotiana rustica, Nicotiana occidentalis, Nicotiana tabacum cv.
Buquet-Marcon said that pain-killing plants were likely to have been used, perhaps the hallucinogenic Datura.