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see DvinaDvina
or Western Dvina,
Ger. Düna, Latvian Daugava, Rus. Zapadnaya Dvina, river, c.635 mi (1,020 km) long, in Russia, Belarus, and Latvia.
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 (Western Dvina), river.



the name of the Zapadnaia Dvina River within the Latvian SSR.

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It is in complete contradiction with the present knowledge that in all northern Latvia down to the Daugava River (Baltic) Finnic languages were spoken as late as around 1000 AD, while all of Curonia around the same time was inhabited by people who spoke Baltic languages.
Description: Works for New Daugava river crossing instead of Riga HPS bridge.
The shortage of data is the most pronounced in reference to the Lielupe River and Daugava River basins in the southern and eastern parts of Latvia where almost no hydro-morphological assessments have been carried out.
Take a boat trip on Daugava River, look round in awe in the Occupation Museum or save yourself until dark and a few Riga Black Balsams - a vodka/herb mix that's amazing.
Latvian rescue services spokeswoman Viktorija Sembele told reporters that her department had received a call Tuesday that an unidentified man had jumped from a bridge into the Daugava River, which is known for its strong current.
An important seaport and a major industrial, commercial, cultural and financial centre for the region, Riga lies at the mouth of the Daugava River.
Popular fishing spots in Latvia include the mouth of the rivers Lielupe and Venta, Liepajaalake and canal, Jugla and Kisezers lakes, Bullupe estuary, the Daugava river in downtownaRigaaand the Gulf.
Located on the banks of the beautiful Daugava River, the Daugava has since established itself as one of the leading upscale Riga hotels.
Worthington wore a relaxed demeanour amidst the quiet, marble floored splendour of Northern Ireland's Radisson team hotel on the banks of the Daugava River yesterday afternoon.