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Crockett, Davy

(David Crockett) (krŏk`ĭt), 1786–1836, American frontiersman, b. Limestone, near Greeneville, Tenn. After serving (1813–14) under Andrew JacksonJackson, Andrew,
1767–1845, 7th President of the United States (1829–37), b. Waxhaw settlement on the border of South Carolina and North Carolina (both states claim him). Early Career

A child of the backwoods, he was left an orphan at 14.
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 against the Creek in the War of 1812, he settled in Giles co., Tenn., and in 1821 was elected to the state legislature. In 1823, Crockett, having moved to the extreme western part of the state, was reelected from his new constituency. When it was jokingly suggested that he should run for Congress, he took the proposal seriously and served three terms in the House (1827–31, 1833–35).

Though he was unable to win passage of a single bill, his dress, language, racy backwoods humor, and naive yet shrewd comments on city life and national affairs made him a popular figure in Washington. Crockett became a political opponent of Jackson, and the Whigs took him up so assiduously that he became the showpiece of conservatism. Resenting his defeat for reelection in 1835 and having failed in business, farming, and family life, Crockett left Tennessee for Texas, where he lost his life in the defense of the AlamoAlamo, the
[Span.,=cottonwood], building in San Antonio, Tex., "the cradle of Texas liberty." Built as a chapel after 1744, it is all that remains of the mission of San Antonio de Valero, which was founded in 1718 by Franciscans and later converted into a fortress.
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. A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett (1834), An Account of Col. Crockett's Tour to the North and Down East (1834), and Col. Crockett's Exploits and Adventures in Texas (posthumous, 1836), supposedly written by Crockett himself in his own idiom, do not match, either in content or style, those letters definitely known to be his.


See his Narrative, facsimile edition edited by J. A. Shackford and S. J. Folmsbee (1973); biography by M. Wallis (2011); study by J. A. Shackford (1956); W. C. Davis, Three Roads to the Alamo (1998).

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Era el naturalista David Crockett, muy conocido en Norteamerica por sus inusuales aventuras, que habia venido a explorar el pais y hallandose en Bejar en el momento de la sorpresa se habia refugiado en El Alamo, temeroso de no ser respetado por ser extranjero.
COMMUNITY FUNDRAISER: Paul with Cole Lancaster, left, and how we told of his walk in memory of murdered uncle David Crockett Main picture by PETER REIMANN VIDEO HOPE: Paul Burgum, below, who is seeking funds to produce videos on alcohol and mental health issues
And David Crockett, while admittedly a fine hunter, did not have much of a career as a fighter of Indians or anybody else.
This is the one and only city in Crockett County, named for folk hero and Alamo defender David Crockett.
Rivaling the Jacksonian Democrats in the power struggle, it was compelled to abandon the politics of deference, vying for popular support indispensable for party politics and co-opting David Crockett as their popular hero.
presented President Bush with the first David Crockett Rifle, from a limited edition of 100.
David Crockett called it the "garden spot of the world.
Serious meat lovers congregate at this steakhouse where the most popular dishes include lomo David Crockett and the parrillada, a mixed grill of meats.
If this movie is to stir up any real controversy among Alamo buffs, then it will be over how they depict the death of David Crockett.
Within the 500-acre area of downtown, we were faced with a very ambitious brownfield exercise," says David Crockett, the larger-than-life City Councilman (and, yes, descendant of frontiersman Davy) who crusades tirelessly for a sustainable Chattanooga.
David Crockett, legendary frontiersman, congressman, and one of the defenders of the Alamo, was born in Hawkins County, Tenn.
To set people straight, Crockett wrote his own Narrative of the Life of David Crockett (1834), possibly with assistance.