David Fabricius

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Fabricius, David


Born Mar. 9, 1564, in Esens, Friesland; died May 7, 1617, in Osteel, near Aurich. German astronomer.

In 1596, Fabricius discovered a star in the constellation Cetus that was the first known variable star; this star was later named Mira Ceti. He observed the planets and the comet of 1607. He corresponded with Tycho Brahe and J. Kepler.

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In the seventeenth century a certain David Fabricius boasted of having seen with his own eyes the inhabitants of the moon.
Voelkel also explores the more amicable interactions between Kepler and David Fabricius, an astronomer with whom Kepler shared his discoveries.
The book is enlivened by a liberal sprinkling of anecdotes about the history of astronomy and the personalities involved in it--for example, in Chapter 33 we read that David Fabricius, who discovered the variability of Mira, was later murdered by a peasant whom he had accused of stealing a goose