David Garnett

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David Garnett
BirthplaceBrighton, East Sussex

Garnett, David


Born Mar. 9, 1892, in Brighton. English author. Son of the critic E. Garnett and the translator C. Garnett.

Garnett’s first novellas, Lady Into Fox (1923; Russian translation, 1924) and A Man in the Zoo (1924; Russian translation, 1925), combine fantasy and a satirical portrayal of bourgeois reality. In the novel The Sailor’s Return (1925; Russian translation, 1926; another Russian translation, 1927, was entitled Black Wife), race prejudice is exposed. In the novels No Love (1929), The Grasshoppers Come (1931), A Rabbit in the Air (1932), and War in the Air (1941), social themes are more muted. He has written an autobiographical trilogy, The Golden Echo (vols. 1-3, 1953-62).


The Old Dovecote … London, 1928.
A Terrible Day. London, 1932.
Pocahontas. London, 1933.
Beany-Eye. London, 1935.


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including writers Lytton Strachey (Ed Birch) and David Garnett (Ben Lloyd Hughes), get on like a house on fire and it's not long before sisters Vanessa and Virginia are gossiping about who they fancy.
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