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Souter, David Hackett,

1939–, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1990–2009), b. Melrose, Mass. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he served as New Hampshire's attorney general (1976–78), and on the state's superior court (1978–83) before being named to the New Hampshire Supreme Court (1983–90). After serving only a short time as a judge on the federal First Circuit Court of Appeals (1990), he was named by President George H. W. Bush in July, 1990, to the U.S. Supreme Court, replacing William BrennanBrennan, William Joseph, Jr.,
1906–97, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1956–90), b. Newark, N.J. After receiving his law degree from Harvard, he practiced law in Newark.
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. Although regarded initially as a conservative, Souter emerged by the mid-1990s as key to a moderate bloc that resisted pressures from the political right to undo Court precedents of the 1960s and 70s.
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That's when democracy dies,' Monsod said, paraphrasing the words of David Souter five years before Trump came into power.
2012), "Using ICT for Adaptation rather than Mitigation to Climate Change," in David Souter and Don MacLean (eds.
You may want to be a little on your guard the next time you find yourself seated next to David Souter and find yourself dozing off, for whatever reason.
Boulders, Cardiff, members who are finalists are: Oscar Phillips (8-9 boys), Emily Phillips (10-11 girls), Sophie Pockington (10-11 girls), Gabriel Harcombe (10-11 boys), Shani Llyr Evans (12-13 girls), Rosie Thomas (12-13 girls), Lucas Harcombe (12-13 boys), Luca Hill (14-15 girls), Bethan Allen (14-15 girls), David Souter (14-15 boys), Chloe Ross (16-17 girls) and Celyn Denman (16-17 boys).
Bush or his execrable appointment of David Souter to the Supreme Court, but I was confused by the chronology of the Turnock v.
The court sent cars to pick up the justices, but Justice David Souter drove his own car, got stuck in a snow bank and had to be rescued by Supreme Court police.
Greenfield, a former clerk for Supreme Court Justice David Souter, explains:
BACK IN 2005, when the Supreme Court approved the use of drug-detecting dogs during routine traffic stops, dissenting Justice David Souter noted that "the infallible dog .
His choice last year of Sonia Sotomayor to replace the retiring David Souter has not had any impact on the ideological balance of the court.
She replaces Justice David Souter, a reliable liberal and supporter of Roe.
Sotomayor will replace retiring Justice David Souter, a liberal voice in the court.
The court has been closely divided with four liberal and five conservative members, and Sotomayor andrsquo;s appointment as the replacement to Justice David Souter, a liberal who retires from his position this year, kept that balance.