Davidson, Basil

Davidson, Basil


Born Sept. 9, 1914, in Bristol. British writer. Fought in World War II (1939-45).

Davidson wrote about Italian antifascist partisans in his first novel, Highway Forty (1949), and unmasked the espionage of the imperialist powers against the socialist countries in the novel The Golden Horn (1952). The novel Rapids (1956; Russian translation, 1960) and the journalistic book The Black Mother (1961) contrast British colonialists with African freedom fighters. Davidson’s novel The Andrassy Affair (1966) describes the struggle of the Yugoslav partisans.


In Russian translation:
Novoe otkrytie Drevnei Afriki. Moscow, 1962.
Chernaia mat’. Afrika: gody ispytanii. Moscow, 1964.


Ivasheva, V. Angliiskaia literatura, XX vek. Moscow, 1967.
Ivasheva, V. Angliiskie dialogi. Moscow, 1971.
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