Davies, John

Davies, John:

see Davies of Hereford, JohnDavies of Hereford, John
, 1565?–1618, English poet. He settled in London about 1600 after spending several years as a writing master at Oxford. His main efforts were religious and philosophical treatises written in verse, the best of which were Mirum in Modum
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R Geraint Gruffydd, John Davies, John Rowlands, Meredydd Evans and Harri Pritchard Jones were all Fellows of the Welsh Academy, the bilingual national society of writers which was established in the 1950s by Waldo Williams and Bobi Jones.
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The charges relate to patients Lilian Maud Williams, David Gough, David Alun Evans, Carolyn Sullivan, John Robert Jenkins, Ronald Bevan, Colin Davies, John Preece and Kathleen Chappell.
WALLY Barnes, David Coleman, Barry Davies, John Motson, Jimmy Hill, Des Lynam, Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, Mark Lawrenson and Alan Hansen have all featured over the years.
For the B, Brian Nock, George Carmichael, Bryan Jones and Brian Trindle beat John Davies, John Cook, Bob Saunders and the impressive Roger Smith 17-13 and Dennis Aitcheson, Roy Stiles, John Hanmore and Clive Burbage beat Roy Sheridan, Bill Preston, Andy Botley and Norman Stephens 21-13.
Yet union pain was soon-to-be league gain as the likes of Jonathan Davies, John Devereux, Adrian Hadley, Allan Bateman, Paul Moriarty, Scott Gibbs, Scott Quinnell, David Young and Rowland Phillips all headed north.
Four Tory backbenchers, David Davis, Philip Davies, John Baron and Richard Shepherd, voted with the opposition parties.
Sam Perry, Michael Wilde, Hannah Davies, John Taylor.
HERE WE GO: John Inverdale at Norton Archers' Club, top; Sharron Davies, John Inverdale, Daley Thompson, torch bearer Lisa Askew and David Moorcroft, above, and Sharron Davies left with some of the children Pictures by KATIE LUNN
Bydd Rhodri Davies yn cael cwmni'r Huw Llywelyn Davies, John Hardy ac Alun Wyn Bevan.
Rink results (Whitnash names first): Kevin Bly, Bill Wright, Bob Cook and Derek Owen 37 Chris Holman, Eric Kind, Bill Medland and Bob Bradley 8, Harry Billington, Kevin Ballard, Geoff Barnes and Simon Gilbert 26 Barry Jarman, Ron Davies, John Carlin and Matt Wells 6, Keith Green, Don Atkins, Keith Billington and Graham Cluff 30 Roger Smith, Bob Fox, Joe Brayson and Mark Courtney 15.