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(däks), town (1990 pop. 20,119), Landes dept., SW France, in Gascony, on the Adour River. It has long been famous for its hot mineral springs. An aviation school is in the town.



a spa in the Landes department of France, situated 148 km south of Bordeaux, on the Adour River.

It has a warm marine climate. The average annual temperature is 8°C. Summers are very warm with an average July temperature of 22°C; winters are mild with an average January temperature of 5°C. The average annual precipitation is about 900 mm. Medicinal remedies include hot radon sulfur-chloride calcium-magnesium springs, the water of which is used for baths, drinking, inhalation, and irrigation. There are mud treatments and climate therapy. The chemical composition of the Grand Geyser is

Patients with illnesses of the motor and support organs, sequelae of traumas, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, and gynecological and children’s diseases are treated here. Dax has sanatoriums, hotels, boarding houses, bathhouses, theaters, museums, and sports facilities. It is also a tourist center.


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